Your Global Servicing Partner

Influence Digital India as the name suggests we focus on influencing the growth and performance of the organization through long-term partnerships.

The organization is formed by a group of young, dynamic and like-minded professionals including engineers, IT professionals, and strategic business management professionals having a common goal to perform and work as team.

The most important approach to technical and professional service delivery by influence Think Tanks is based on a practical approach to solutioning.

The team acts as a change agent and catalyzes growth and systematic culture in Organization

A cohesive team constantly working towards becoming preferred choice for the industry. The integrity and the quality of the opinion provided by our mentors is the core of our services to all the sector. We undertake assignments with rigor and provide clear and concise business advise; is the influence way.

We simply don’t deliver work. We deliver quality, we deliver assurance.

influence is not about a group of few people running the organization it is a collaborative approach which has been instilled in us to get the right talent to work on projects which include domain and subject matter experts. Each member of the team has more than 10+ years of Industry Knowledge.

The team has designed a dynamic delivery model through extensive interface between technical and management professionals for understanding complex business and technological client requirements.

influence is headed by Anang Pandya, he is responsible for overall performance of the influence group. A Techno managerial professional with 15+ years of career reflecting strong leadership skills with Technology & Operations Management experience. Hands On with Technology he has successfully headed as Information Technology head in various companies, and has strong experience in all essential facets of an Organization. Anang is IRCAcertified Lead Auditor for ISO 27001:2005 & 9001:2008 standards.

Every individual at influence believes in providing services with Best of the Quality Standards and Customer Delight is our Motto. Our Customer Delight philosophy is to help our clients in getting the right solution fit for their technology requirements to the extent that we would go out of way in getting the right service provider to cater our client needs which may be out of our service scope, because at influence we believe “if you think IT happens”

The Team

The team has designed a dynamic delivery model through extensive interface between technical and management professionals for understanding complex business and technical client requirements.

The approach utilized by team is based on enterprise risk / technology risk / process risk and factoring human risk. The right and lean practices for industry is derived and integrated with the existing business process of an organization.

Each member of the team has more than 10+ years of Industry Knowledge. The organization focuses on technical and professional advisory services.

Influence is not about a group of few people running the organization it is a collaborative approach which has been instilled in us to get the right talent to work on projects which include domain and subject matter experts.

ISO 9001:2008 QMS
ISO 14001
ISO 27001 ISMS
ISO 22301 BCMS
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and safety

Our Team Members have a wealth of practical experience of:
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Surveillance Monitoring
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Training
  • Policy Documentation
  • Performance System based on Security Metrics
  • Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Planning, including real-life experience of invocation and recovery
  • Implementation of Information Security Management Systems
  • Crisis Communication
  • We are able to providing services, that address the total business life cycle including
  • Business impact analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Strategy and Policy development and deployment
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Crisis management
  • Project management
  • Awareness and education
Our Vision and Mission

The main focus of INFLUENCE is to help the organizations, inmeeting their business challenges effectively and it does so with the help of its Innovative Technology Solution and Business Process Optimization& Management.

The company continues to invest in processes, people and making partners with technology groups which provide a cutting edge to its customers over their competitors. With the help of inputs from strategic technology partner alliances and from the expertise of key partners, INFLUENCE ensures in keeping the client updated.

Our Quality Objectives

The development and testing of a well structured and coherent plan which will enable our clients to recover as quickly and effectively as possible from an unforeseen disaster or emergency which interrupts normal business operations.

Other sub-objectives which could cover issues such as specialized research and development activities, the need to ensure that all employees fully understand their duties in implementing such a plan, the need to ensure that information security policies are adhered to within all planned activities or the need to ensure that the proposed contingency arrangements are cost effective.

Our Project Team focuses their efforts on the key issues, and to ensure that the work undertaken is applicable to the necessities of the project, the project's objectives and deliverables must be clearly defined to enable Business Continuity.

A key part of the ISMS Implementation is the assessment of the potential risks to the business which could be caused through disasters or emergency situations. Our key focus is to consider all the possible incidents and the impact each may have on the organization’s ability to continue to deliver its normal business services.

Key Focus Areas
  • Strategic Management
  • Network Consultancy Services
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Information Security Monitoring
  • Training & Awareness
Strategic Management:

Services included in this stream are strategic management in line with business goals- Long term and short term strategic map development and deployment, Enterprise strategy on Business, Resource and Security. The objective of this service line is to provide a concise Strategic Map for the organization in line with its financial goals, Customer specific goals and people specific goals.

Information Security Monitoring:

The main objective of this service line is to outsource most of the client’s challenging tasks concerning information security, ranging from security management, risk assessment, framework development, policy development and deployment, administration of specific technological controls. Additionally, the service includes support contracts covering security troubleshooting, management advice, incident handling and ongoing information feeding.

Training and Awareness:

The objective of this service line is to organize an education & training program covering all possible aspects of networking, system administration, information security, service management. This program includes conferences, seminars as well as specific sessions tailored to client requirements. Cater to the challenge of bringing in operational efficiencies in Network & security Operations. These services can be customized for specific customers & can range from basic technology trainings to advanced trainings

The INFLUENCE difference

While there are many traditional consultants and service providers who promise results, INFLUENCE is in a position to leverage its experience, technology and project management expertise to help deliver on its customer promises. Through a broad range of diagnostic services, INFLUENCE can assess each customer’s operations and develop an improvement and implementation plan that can take the company’s performance to a new level.

INFLUENCE is staffed with highly experienced, hands-on professionals who understand day-to-day operational challenges – as well as the longer-term strategies and plans needed to create industry leaders and deliver a high return on investment. Our professionals utilize their vast experience, solution knowledge, and process expertise to deliver quantifiable bottom-line results rapidly.

The Solution: Introducing INFLUENCE Consultants

For companies to fully realize potential from their investments, INFLUENCE introduce various Technology Solutions and Optimization Services to help customers develop business processes, systems & best practices that can deliver a high return on investment. Our solutions are focused on evaluating customers’ most important business and technological problems and providing solutions that help reduce total cost of ownership and help deliver a quick return on investment.

Our methodology is a framework of tools and techniques consisting of intellectual property and service offerings required to model, build, and operate an integrated planning-execution framework to streamline business processes.

Our technology professionals partner with customers using a customer centric approach – focused on diagnosing the customer’s problems, implementing solutions, and creating continuous improvements.

INFLUENCE offers its services through a network of professionals and academician consultants and has access to leading academic and research organizations in India. Profiles of team members constituted for the proposed project in given in the Annex-C to this proposal.

The following are the areas of creativity and innovation which INFLUENCE has proposed to ALTERTECH and the introduction of the same areas and how they can be achieved have been discussed in various parts of the proposal and the project management methodology.

Client Best Practices followed by INFLUENCE

Involvement of a high level Business Research Group (BRG) comprising user group, business drivers, production support group to identify, check and collate the requirement for an application to form a work pack. These results in:

  • Project Initiation Document for the ISMS Implementation,
  • Identification of requirements for ISMS implementation,
  • Documented statement of the complete requirement.
  • Project Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Issues/resolutions
  • This work plan facilitates the early resolution of technical issues, which may affect business rules.
  • Conflict analysis and release plan at the time of defining the work pack.
  • Defined strategy to implement the work pack in ALTERTECH environment
  • Client Best Practice for monitoring the Project developments and progress:
  • Monthly/ Weekly status reports
  • Periodic review
  • Monitoring of activities on critical path and support
  • Mutual agreement on change of plan
  • Approval at each stage of implementation
  • Established procedure for query resolution
  • Proactive suggestions and inputs for process improvement
  • Customer Support on and off site
  • Timely escalation of the issues, if required